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January 2023 Wrap-up

Read January 2022 Wrap-up

From around the Internet and Blog-o-sphere

Watch the Squirrel Olympics and see which team wins

I find this hilarious short animated film

Read Madeline’s post on The Problem with Fantasy Subgenres over at Snowy Fiction

FavBookself wrote A Beginners Guide to Reading Magic Realism

Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser: Swords Against Death by Fritz Leiber

The Phantom Limb by William Sleator

The Chuckling Whatsit by Richard Sala

The Clockwork Girl by Sean Patrick O’Reilly 

Shadows in the Dark by John Zaffis

My Blog Goal for 2023

TTT: Favorite Graphic Novels of 2022

\TTT: Books with one Word Title

TTT: Animals in books

TTT: 2023 Bookish Goals

Books from the Backlog

Connecting with Authors

Open Book Blog Hop: Inside Jokes and Easter Eggs

Quiet or Nosey Setting?

Collecting Books

Short Stories

Dead Girls Don’t Talk Part One Sarah’s Story

Dead Girls Don’t Talk Part Two Dustin’s Story

The Menu

Burn After Reading

A Man Called Otto

TV Show Review

Lost Season One & Two

Anime Review

Cowboy Bebop

Demon Slayer

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That All I have for this post. See yay space cowboy.

19 thoughts on “January 2023 Wrap-up

Add yours

  1. LOL! I have never heard of the Squirrel Olympics but I clicked the link and now I have to watch it all the way through 🙂

    My daughter and I went to see A Man Called Otto when it opened here but the clerk said it was unavailable due to issues. I wasn’t happy but we ended up watching Elvis Presley so it turned out ok. I still need to see Otto.

    I hope you have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should give Cowboy Bebop a try. It really good, as well as Demon Slayer. I will review more Fafhrd books when I can get a copy for a decent price.


  2. I am really curious about A Man Called Otto since I liked the book. I need to check out The Menu. Have a great February!


  3. That looks like another busy month of reading and watching for you! I really want to watch A Man Called Otto, because I absolutely loved the book A Man Called Ove (as well as the original film), but I still haven’t watched it.
    Popping over from Bookworms Monthly.


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