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Collecting Books

The prompt is from Let’s Talk Bookish. A weekly meme hosted by Book Nook Bits

Do you enjoy collecting books?

What does this question mean by collecting books? There is a defined difference between buying books and. Collecting books. When buying books, you are setting it on your bookshelf, hoping to read them one day. There is a certain criterion when collecting books. It can be a trait of the book or the story itself.

To answer the question of do I collect books? Well, I say it is hard for anyone that staring with their mouth agape at the larges amount of books I have to see that it is a collection. Yes, I collect books. It is difficult to tell if I have a collection with the variety of genres. I can assure you when I go to used book sales, I keep in mind that there are certain books I’m looking for.

Do I enjoy collecting books? Yes. The whole purpose of collecting is that it gives the person joy. Why would you collect something that doesn’t give you joy?

Do you feel like physical books are overpriced?

Ha! That is a big NO. Perhaps brand new books but not used books. Let me give you some of my mom’s wisdom about saving money: There is always a cheaper option for everything.

You don’t need to read that new book right when it comes out. There is always a chance it will be at the library or show up at a used book sale. Physical books are not overpriced when you have the patience and the eyes to look.

Do you buy books after you’ve read them to add to your collection?

I will admit that I buy books before reading far more then I read before buying.

Do you buy special edition collector sets? 

No. I do not go out of my way to buy special editions. If I get a Barns and Noble gift card then I will used that on a B&N classic editions. Rarely do I get these gift cards that I only have two classic editions. On occasion I find leather bound classics at thrift stores.

How invested are you in your book collection? 

Well as you can see I enjoy my book collection and acknowledge that there are habits I need to get under control. I want to continue to have a diverse collection of books. That are books from different genres, different authors, different themes, and different perspectives. As you can see real diversity comes naturally. As you can see I am invested in my collection.

Let’s chat. Do you have a book collection? Do you collect special edition? Let me know down in the comments.

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  1. Alas, neither space nor budget allows me to collect books. I’m so grateful I have a fabulous public library, walking distance from my house – and all their ebooks and audiobooks I can access online


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