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Hunter X Hunter Vol. one

Author. Yoshihiro Togashi

Series: Hunter X Hunter #1

Arc: Hunter Exam

Genre: Action, Adventure

Summary: Gon set out from Whale island to take the hunter exam in order to find his father.

Review: So…instead of trying to find the volume the anime left off on I’m making it harder for myself by starting at the very beginning. I would like to. Review more manga. There that.

The drawings are very exspreative compare to other manga I have read, like The Promise Neverland and Death Note.

So far the anime follows the manga closely panel by panl. There is a flashback of Gon meeting Kite that doesn’t show up until much later, being presented in the first chapter. Which makes more sense.

Haven’t watch the anime I have a question that didn’t occur to me now. If the Phantom trope first have the sarlet eyes then how did they end up on the black market and who is the fourth member. All the more to read the manga.

On to volume two.

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      1. Nice. I’d only read up through 26 back in ’10 and the mangaka was having problems keeping it together, so I kind of assumed it had fizzled. If there’s another 10 volumes, I might have to look at re-reading it after I finish fullmetal alchemist.

        I do remember that I enjoyed almost all of the manga. Even Mrs B liked it 🙂


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